I wondered if someone could help me by boosting my toot. I'm trying to find software that will work on Windows 10 for drawing using the pen that comes with my Dell laptop. I honestly don't know anything about the subject, so when I try to search on the internet, I'm not getting what I am looking for.

@The_Quantum_Alpha yes, sometimes I wonder if developers ever consider alternative meanings in their product names. 😆 lol gimp is not as bad as this place:

@The_Quantum_Alpha @adamvallee there was an attempt to fork it for the purpose of rebranding it I think to glimpse

For drawing i really like #krita Works quite well, but i don't have any information on if it works or not with that pen. I see people sayibg #gimp but i don't find it as nice to draw with, if none of that work there is also firealpacka which isn't foss, but did work for me when i was having issues with krita on my pc


Krita is what I use. If you have trouble with the stylus; the FAQ of the project has a long list (under 'tablet') of tips to make it work:

To download Krita:


That be usefull to know avout back in the day, had a lot of issues with a weird offsett on windows. Then i moved to linux and never had the issue so i never did fond a solution to that.

@adamvallee I found Sketchable to be very good. Used on my surface pro with no problems.

@adamvallee You've had a few good suggestions already, but you could also take a look at, which is based on that other image editor with the weird name but with some interesting improvements and plans for future development

@adamvallee this is Not Typically For Drawing but would probably be compatible: Microsoft's own OneNote has a sketchpad in it, so as long as the machine recognizes the pen as mouse input that program might be a safe bet

@adamvallee I'm using Autodesk Sketchbook with a small wacom tablet since some time and it's both amazing and free to use:

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